s o m e t i m e s

                                        revenge  i s ]  justice

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I’m just gonna admit I didn’t bother with trying to get the feathers right because


Louder Than Words | Celldweller
Actions speak louder than words do
I don't want to hear dead words from you
Actions speak louder than words do
I just want to see what you will do

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hedgiechama whispered:

Rebecca - 

                  Ok so I stole some of your cookies I’ll give you some of Neuro’s in return, if I don’t eat them all first.
                  I may also have raided the rest of your fridge but I can explain in the morning. Please don’t wake me unless there’s the promise of tea and pain medication. It’s honestly not as bad as it looks, actually I’ve kinda stopped feeling it but that’s beside the point. Tea and meds.                  I’m sorry for dropping in so unexpectedly, and on such terms.  I don’t want Hark to freak out, Miles scares me and Commander can be a prick, and Neuro hasn’t been feeling well. There are others, I know, but you popped up in my head first after them, so here I am.

                                                                           - Feather

askimmortallifeform whispered:

Brother -

                You’ll probably notice half of your extra blankets and sheets and pillows are gone. They’re in the gazebo where I am. Don’t worry, I’m only a bit cut up and all the bleeding stopped a while ago so I won’t stain anything. I have a broken leg though that I’d appreciate getting healed.

                     Sorry for dropping in like this.
                                                                  Your brother,

                                                                                    - Feather





Me and Pita can do this forever haha

xanafiedshadow whispered:

Xana -

              Yes, I ‘broke’ into your house, but you were gone and I need you over on the ARK for a bit. Neuro has been working on some thing or another, I don’t know, and needs you to do something, but hell if I know what it is. he can’t get a hold of you so here I am.
              Get your ass over there soon.

                                                                         - Feather

Bones -

                 It was nice having you over on the ARK, even if we didn’t get to spend that much time together and I was a complete asshole wreck  mourning the loss of my brother. I’d like you to come back over some time soon, have Xana come drop you off or something. Neuro misses you as well and I think there’s some stuff we could talk about.                 Neuro also makes great cookies, if you needed a bribe.

                                                                            - Feather

snowysonic whispered:

Snowball -

                    Tell your mother I’m sorry for drinking all her tea and accidentally getting you injured. I told you to not get too close to those things, so it’s mostly your own fault, but still.
                    Don’t worry, the burns aren’t too bad, and I’m going to see Hark right away about the broken leg. Honestly, I’m alright, this isn’t new to me.
                                                        See you around,

                                                                                 - Feather

Put a “◊” in my ask for a sticky note left on your fridge in the morning by my muse.

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