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Chris Veeneman; Oil 2013 Painting “Lava Fields

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"Oh, he was fed up by me harassing him, a.k.a. calling him cute, so he just up and bit me. ‘S got some sharp teeth.

Oh, and I’m fine. There’s a reason I wear nothing but heavy duty fabric.”

"He is cute, he’s gotta get use to being called it or else he’s gotta stop being cute. For Snowy I think that’s impossible actually….do you think adorable might piss him off more?"

"True, true."

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Yeah, you’re telling me. I still can’t figure out why it’s so important for them to know about everyone’s orientation, anyway, not to mention who’s fucking who.

How have you been?

"I’m just…not going to get into that. Not sure what’s really going on except that lil Snowball over there was biting you. Even then I’m confused as to why.

Uh, you know….the usual. Your arm alright?”

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                                                                 ƒαтє∂ ησт тσ вє тαмє∂

                                                                                                 ωαт¢н мє,

                                                                                                         ι ηєνєя ωιℓℓ ℓєαη υρση уσυ

                         ɌσυǥєŦђє Ƀαт ɌⱣ Ƀℓσǥ

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                                                                                ƒℓу ιη тнє ƒ я є є ∂ σ м

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"I doubt it will be that bad."

From what she remembered. Shadow described her as one of those mythical creatures…A Satyr? It was something that made her curious about her own alternate. Maybe not gush since she’s used to zone travel. The mention of his zone; that’s right his zone has fallen apart.

"Well you’re alive and well. So are the others you look over so that’s good."

She didn’t ask about the personal stuff since it was none of her business.

"Well, I went back to my friends…,thinking they didn’t like me, but they missed me. So now I live with them with my own Shadow"

She would leave out the past assaults, she didn’t think it was a good idea to share that information .  

"Of course not, she just has a lot of energy. Doesn’t realize it half the time."

Alive, perhaps, but Feather would not describe himself as ‘well’. He hadn’t since the day he’d died. Perhaps he’d never be well again- that was always a close to reality possibility hanging over his head.

"They’re doing what they can to stay alive and stay healthy. It’s always a struggle, no matter how nice things are on the surface."

Feather’s ears perked up. Her own Shadow. That sounded nice- had he ever met that alternate? Probably not- then again it was so hard keeping track of all of them. There were so many out there, some he’d only encountered once or twice, others with out nicknames….ugh, so confusing.

"Congratulations, I’m glad you’ve managed to clear up any confusion. Things are better then, yes?"

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holdingmyworldsdestiny said: "…Maybe a little. But I shouldn’t sleep so much. While I’m here, people back home don’t have the luxury of sleeping for longer than a few minutes. I feel really selfish."

The hedgehawk sat up a bit, adjusting his wings to curl them around Silver.

"I know how you feel. When I jump zones, see my alternates, they like to give me food. Good food, food my people can’t have. I always feel guilty, because I’m having something they can’t, I’m indulging but… someday I’m going to give it to them. Someday they’ll be able to have it too.
And if you’re tired, you can’t protect your people, right? You need sleep, you need to be rested, or else you’re not as much use to them. I know it can seem self indulgent but it’s necessary. My brother told me this- if I’m not working at one hundred percent, I’m not protecting my people as much as I could be. To take care of them, I need to take care of myself. The same goes for you.”

notsoultimate whispered: "Are you an android or one of the originals?" the small android asked now a little nervous at the wings he noticed the pair of wings on the alternate's back. Was that normally supposed to be there?


Wow, blue stripes. That was definitely not common along Shadow alternates. Was this one…not real?

"O-original, I suppose. Definiately not an android.
I…don’t mean to be rude, but are you an android?”