Humans keep the antlers of the deer that they kill as a prize.

Angels keep the horns of demons.

Demons keep the wings of angels.

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So thanks to some fun discussions with the friends, it made me want to draw dragons. We talked about draconifying the muses, and so here are some designs for Commander and Feather, respectively. 

In other words, craggy old man dragon, and very flammable impish dragon.


Anonymous whispered: Spends more time in the bathroom than pecking seeds.



askneuroimmune whispered: 'I shredded the curtains when I heard Neuro turn on the vacuum (I forgot what a vacuum was).'


*And the couch.*

CATSHAMING; what kind of a “catshaming” sign would your character hang on my character’s neck?

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{If anyone has been wondering where I am…

I made an AH/RT account because I just haven’t had Feather muse lately. It’s really fun and everyone over there is really nice.}

{Who else is at Comicon?}

Nothing’s   gonna 

                      [harm]  you

                                        not   while

                                                       I’m around.

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