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Shaky Start


Besides his whimpers, the room was generally silent, making noises that were faint seem louder than they truly were. Thus, when the light taps from just outside his door grew closer, he felt his body go rigid. What was that? All his mind was registering were heels. His whines grew more panicky when he heard his door sweep open and close. Who was that? It couldn’t be Neuro, that wasn’t Neuro. His mind ran in circles as images began to appear, a woman with blond hair smiling down at him as he took a step to the side to let her in.

The others’ comforting sounds are just about drowned out by his cries, Bones shifting to uncurl and grab at his head. He was on Neuro’s Ark, he was on Neuro Ark. He was safe, safe, safe. The shift of weight of the bed had stopped his whines instantly, sucking in a breath as his ears strained and his quills flexed under the blanket.

Though he was at full attention now, faded red eyes open and staring into the pitch blackness, missing the voice that spoke his name. When he felt the sheet being lifted, causing him to cry out in panic. “NO- n- no!” it was all he could say, shrinking back as far as he could. He still had no idea who this was and as eager to know as who it was, he was terribly scared. What if it was that woman again? Coming back, to finish the job. A job he had no clue about and it’s intent. It was just bad.

No more.

 Each fearful whimper and soft sobbed cry tugged at Feather’s heart strings. He couldn’t tell if Bones was awake or merely dreaming, but it didn’t quite matter. The little hedgehog was in horrid distress, possibly caught between fantasy and reality, if what Neuro told him was true.
Those red eyes, which should have been clear, were clouded and dull. Bones cried out and Feather flinched back, dropping the sheet and fluffing his wings up from agitation.
This was bad, so very very bad.

"Shhhhh-" the hedgehawk whispered slowly, opening his wing carefully. He kept eye contact with Bones the best he could, bringing the large fluffy appendage around to rest along the hog’s back and drape over his shoulders. It crackled, the energy attempting to hold the wing together but Bones’s body was starving. It craved Chaos, large amounts of it, and attempted to suck it out of Feather via his wing.

It hurt that way and the hybrid pulled back, trying to weight his options. Bones needed to be stable again- if he had an emerald he would give it over immediately for the boy to feast on. For now though he’d have to take from Feather’s personal stores. He needed it more at the moment and Feather was willing.

The hedgehawk cooed again to Bones and held his hand out, gently putting it on the hog’s knee and rubbing soothingly with his thumb. Chaos pulled itself out, flowing through the skin on skin contact into Bone’s body.

"Bones, Bones- hey, it’s ok. It’s Feather, you’re alright, it’s just Feather. You’re ok Bones, you’re ok."

Shaky Start


All he knew that he wasn’t in Commander’s world anymore.

The young hedgehog twitched under the sheets, curled up in a tight ball as he tried to will away the visions trying to worm their way back. It helped to be somewhere warm and dark, but there were those times when even that wouldn’t help. It was hard to keep his mind quiet, sleep not coming easy and when it did, he’d wake up screaming. But each time, Neuro had been there, leading him to believe that he may be back on the ARK. That alone was a comfort of sorts, accompanied by a touch of guilt when he noted the tired look.

Though, with how bad he was having these hallucinations, it had him second guessing what reality was and what wasn’t. At times when Neuro would be with him, he couldn’t see or sense him at all, as if he wasn’t truly there. Instead he’d see a white room that was cold and empty. And if the vision continued, it would only get worse. He would start to feel pain on his neck and various parts of his body, the feeling alone triggering other images and shapes.

Where was Xana? Where was he? Neuro was there but, wasn’t. The last thing he could truly remember before things got bad was Opiate’s father holding him and soon after Opiate taking him from that comfort. To leave him out in the white. The form under the blanket gives a violent shake, loud whines erupting from his throat as the memory reminded him of the terrifying color and the fact that he’d been abandoned. Left alone, like he was now.

Pulling himself from Neuro’s embrace was hard.

The sick hog mumbled and tried to open his eyes but Feather hushed him gently, petting his mate’s sparse quills till he slumped against the pillows and huddled against the mass of warm pillows and blankets Feather was leaving behind. The nest was so comfortable, he’d love to simply dive back in and wrap himself around Neuro again, but there was someone he had to see.

The halls were dark, the air a bit chilly as it always was on the ARK. His talons clicked loudly on the ground, bare feet padding across the metal as mismatched eyes looked at the number plates on the doors. A2035….A2057….A2059. He stops and clicks the button next to the door, the familiar whoosh of the metal sliding away familiar. It covers up the whimpers until Feather is in the room and it is closed again, wrapping them in cool darkness and the low but distant echoes of creaking steel.

Immediately Feather begins to coo, the sound low and soothing, an instinctive attempt to make the whimpering go away. He sits slowly down on the bed, observing the mass of blankets and the small quivering coming from inside of the mound. Careful hands prod around until he finds the edge of the blanket and begins to lift, spotting stark black against the sheets.



Breathe, Hark, breathe.

He could feel the tension climbing, making his muscles stiff. Chaos, he needed to relax.

Breathe in, breathe out. Talk.

"Sorry, it’s just… There’s been a lot happening during the time you’ve been gone. And while I’m glad you enjoy my clothes and would enjoy having that mask, I have been swamped by new responsibilities and I… Well I kind of need your help," he said, finally taking a seat.

"I can… also guarantee another… god in your arsenal against Mephiles. Do you… understand what I’m getting at?"

He hoped Feather did…

*Now the negative feelings were pouring off of Hark in waves and Feather shuddered. He dropped his wings and moved just a bit closer to his brother, concern reflecting off of his face. Did he say something wrong? Did something happen? Panic began to creep in, the hedgehawk beginning to worry his bottom lip between his teeth. *

Hark did something happen when I was gone? Is everything alright- I mean, is someone hurt?
Of course I’ll help. You’ll need to give me some details but you know I’ll always help you.

*Hark sat down but Feather couldn’t. He was energized now, sitting was the last thing he wanted to do.
Another….another god? Not his Chaos- the Chaos of Satu’s world maybe? Or some other god? Wasn’t there a Gaia out there or-
Oh. *

Two isn’t exactly an arsenal, is it? Just remember…you’re my brother first, ok? I’ll accept your help - but only as brother to a brother. None of this god stuff.

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Feather didn’t know yet, but Hark had left guns behind, which was why he was transferring to blades to protect himself. And, if anything, he was highly versatile, so guns and blades were something Hark had always done on both sides. Only reason Feather didn’t know? Because he hadn’t been told.

And, right now, the hybrid wasn’t about to discover as Hark felt too nervous to react to anything but his question on Tikal.

"Glad to hear. How’s… Chaos?"

*Feather’s brow furrowed as he noticed the change in Hark. He wasn’t as cheerful now. Anxious, actually, if Feather could read him well. He hoped he could.*

More…..complicated but not as bad as it use to be. Things are getting better. I haven’t been staying on the island in several days though.
….why are you asking?

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The only reason it wasn’t thick was because it was made of linen, the only thing solid being the leather straps on the shirt and the belt on which there was an empty sheathe, the blade haven’t being found yet. Plus, although the outfit covered him completely, the outer shirt having a hood, he was missing either a mask or a piece of cloth to cover his mouth with not to take in the ash.

"Feather, the only thing I know that has a stone fist is a golem and they’re slow unless they’re small, so you either were being slower or predictable. You need fighting lessons."

Still, he didn’t acknowledge the light sound of excitement. No way that…

"Nice new get up, by the way."

… Nevermind. Feather had seen and the sound had definitely been for his clothes.

Beating the blush down, Hark gave an awkward smile before answering, “Thanks. I figured that I’d stand out too much otherwise and I’m supposed to be a multiverse agent so the goal is to blend in, right? Work the problems from within instead of looking like an outsider. So I’ve been… working on these projects to, hopefully, meet those standards. I hope it works out by the end of it.”

… Should he ask? Well, he could try to turn the conversation towards it.

"How’s Tikal?"

*The sheath was taken into consideration and stuffed into the back of Feather’s head to look at later. Having a weapon on you was always a good idea, especially among large crowds in this world, but the idea of Hark carrying something sharp with him….well, it made him nervous. A gun sounded much better, more Hark style.
Of course it wasn’t complete, not with out the mask. Feather could get that easily to him, as well as filters, and if Hark wanted to modify it that was always an option.

The hawk hybrid pouted, ears flickering down and arms crossing. He looked like a child about to have a temper-tantrum because he was insulted.*

I was trying to get someone out from under a building Hark, it was either me taking the blow or the other guy. I don’t know which humans you’re hanging around but last time I checked a stone fist to the head usually kills someone unless they’re, you know, artificial hybrids laced with Chaos Energy and harbor a long history of being roughed up.

*His attitude took a complete turn when Hark smiled, looking around shyly with a bashful red blush starting to creep across his muzzle. It had Feather cooing and his wings fluffing up. He threw an arm around Hark’s shoulder, one of his soft appendages mirroring the move.*

It looks great Hark, you’ll definitely blend in, but I gotta get you a mask or something. You can’t go walking around with out one of those- that’s the first thing they’re going to notice.
Projects? So you’re got more, for other zones?

*A proud gleam sparked in Feather’s mismatched eyes and he took a moment to adjust the icepack on his head.*

Standing up for herself.

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powerthatisme whispered: "It's been a long time. How have things been running out here?"




Ah, you know, same old fire, ash and dust.
It’s been too long. How are you doing sourpuss?

image ”I’m never going to live that name down am I? Anyway, I’m fine. Nothing ever happens in my zone, but I should be thankful for it I guess.”

Nope~ Most definitely not-I’m not going to let it go down.
Probably, it’s better to have free time and peace, trust me. I hope it’s not too boring though.

Centuries | Fall Out Boy


centuries // fall out boy

and just one mistake
is all it will take
we’ll go down in history
remember me for centuries

My character has had a rough day and lays their head on your character’s shoulder/lap. Send me your muses reaction.

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