Nothing’s   gonna 

                      [harm]  you

                                        not   while

                                                       I’m around.

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My character is lying on their couch, clearly suffering from a high fever, what does your character do?


Don’t just leave her there…


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Don’t you know how you changed me?
Strange how I finally see…

                                   I’ve found home.
                                 You’re my h o m e. 

                                                                           stay with me.

Wait and Hope (Feather)


Tikal only smiled and giggled slightly at Feather’s words. Yes, it was. It really, really was. And now, it was the winged one’s until it found its way back to its owner.

She turned a bit and held it out for Feather to take.

This is what you came here for. I hope, I wish that you can all bring him back without trouble. I know that, according to Chaos, Hark managed to change the tides, but I don’t know where the other pieces are, and how hard the keepers will make it to get to them. Some might actually believe him dead, which seals the pieces away partly.

A sigh.

He’s not gone though, and even if he comes back looking and feeling different, it’s still him. That’s what I believe.

Before trusting aqua eyes looked at Feather.

So please, bring him back. Give him the home he deserves, the family he deserves. I’m sure you can give that to him.

*For a moment he panicked. Putting something so delicate, so beautiful, so important into his hands was terrifying. What if he messed up? What if he dropped it, lost it- anything? He would be Hark’s undoing.
No one else could though, so he did take it, and cradled it in his palms, keeping talons away from the surface. Feather held it like the most delicate of glass, like it was made out of thin gold, so valuable but so fragile.*

I’ll try my best to do things right. Snowy has been going around, helping others out. He opened my eyes, he’ll do it for the others as well.

*Feather nodded with her words. It would be like his own death. He came back with wings and talons, with new energy to a new world, but it had still been him. He’d been aggressive and confused and scared, but Rouge took one look at him and remembered it was still Shadow before her, no matter the additions.
Hark would be greeted the same, if Feather had anything to say about it.*

I will. I promise.

Wait and Hope (Feather)


The shake of the head was accepted, and Tikal simply leaned onto Feather herself, thinking back. Back to when Hark was still among them, back to when he was still Shadow.

She remembered the changes, she remembered them all too well. She could even still tell which was which on the long term, even tell what had changed. But even when she knew what was coming, Shadow had still managed to surprise her.

"I have to go! I can’t take this anymore!"

"Sonic wouldn’t understand. There’s no point in saying goodbye."

"I told Sonic. He understands… He also knows that I’m in love with someone else."

But she could definitely say that every step had counted. Every little change, little surprise had been worth it. So even though this world was going to disappear, it had given birth to something, someone that couldn’t change only a world, but possibly part of the multiverse.

And that was worth giving everything away. Along with that…

"Chaos thinks I’m a punching bag, doesn’t he?"

"Tikal, I’m fine. I’m alive. That’s what matters, right?"

"… I’ll meet with him."

"… Can you stay a little longer? Conversation sounds nice, right now."

… She wanted him back. Even if she couldn’t see him again.

Her chest, where her heart was supposed to be, glowed. Bringing a hand to it, she brought out the ball of light, and held it out in front of her for Feather to see.

The memories. Some of them would probably never return, she knew, but this was all she could do.

Pretty, isn’t it?" was all she said, though, trying to fight tears.

*Nime…the original Shadow of this zone. He’d been trapped in nothingness for so long, had taken others and wanted to take Hark from them. He was greedy in Feather’s eyes, a leech that just wanted all for itself and didn’t care of what its actions would do to others. He hates this Nime, loathed him with out ever having laid eyes on him. He wanted him gone, more than dead, nonexistent. He wanted his brother back, for damn’s sake!
Nime was the one to blame for his fall. To blame for tripping after he’d gotten back on his feet after GUN’s arrival. He was the reason Feather had sunk into the blankets and pillows on the ARK and why his wings lacked their normal luster.
It was so easy, blaming someone else. It felt good.

Feather realize how warm he was growing after that, the anger and rage making his energy boil and spark through his blood. His wings had begun twitching, agitated and pumped of power to use, as if he were preparing to take Nime on then and there. He took a deep, calming breath and let the rage fade out, the fire in his chest cool to a slow barely kindled spark that danced weakly. The fuel was near by though, in case it needed to flare again.

It was gorgeous, so fragile looking and filled with utter meaning. It hit Feather hard, realizing what it was. He reached out with trembling fingers and let them slide just a hairs with away from it, not completely trusting, no he didn’t trust himself, but….he needed to be close to it.
His voice cracked when he spoke and nodded.*

It is.


"…Feather’s not a freak. His wings are prettier (and healthier.) than mine actually…”


A lot of people from my past would disagree with you, but thank you for the compliment. Yours are lovely and strong, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


Ha! Now we’re talking. I live for puns, bad ones especially.


But yes, definitely try to break out of it. I know that I need to work on it too, but it’s always a good idea just to take it as it comes. Be a rock. Be immovable. Your enemies want you to get angry, they want you to get pissed off - so don’t give ‘em the reaction they’re going for. 

And my guess? Fire and ice, boy. Fire and ice. Can’t put us in the same room together without shit going awry!

I’ve still got a long ways to go. It’s hard as hell but there’s not much else to do but preserver I suppose. We’re always in the same boat with these kinds of things, huh? Coincidence or the multiverse fucking with us, but…I don’t know. Just seems to happen a lot, finding things in common between us.

You’re probably right. Kinda wish that didn’t happen but I don’t think there’s much I can do about it.



"Well… I don’t think you’re a freak. It’s okay. People call me the same thing. They say mean things and they throw sharp objects at me. It’s not very fun. It hurts really bad.

I won’t call you an angel if you don’t want me to. I didn’t mean to make you angry. I just think very highly of you, that’s all.”

….I’m sorry I snapped at you. I tend to get angry a lot. It’s my default, I need to…really not do that. That was really uncalled for.
I’m sorry they do that to you. I…I really hate sharp objects. Some of my people don’t like me either, but they tend to stay quiet about it. The Feral Packers…not so much.

I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t. It just…it makes me uncomfortable.

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i         say         i’m  

{ n o t }     scared

but   the  truth    is

i’m          terrified

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I discovered I cannot shake


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